Oral Health Resources | 22 August, 2019

How the Lumino Dental Plan Helps You Concentrate on the Things You Love

Charlotte Lightbody is a very busy woman. Alongside a full time job, she is a modern pinup lifestyle blogger, vlogger, baker, writer and passionate about all things retro.

“I like thinking about pretty things – not the dentist,” she says honestly. “Because I’ve got a dental plan I can concentrate on the things that I love.”

Otherwise known as ‘Miss Charlotte Cake’, Charlotte began developing her love for all things vintage when she was still a child. Now she has turned that passion into a central part of her life and a career – earning herself an ‘influencer’ title along the way!

But Charlotte also finds time to look after her smile, as with an ever growing social media presence (abundant with beautiful images) why wouldn’t you want your smile to be one you can be proud of.

“I’m super pedantic about looking after my teeth,” she says, and like most of us, she really wanted dentistry to be more affordable.

“The health of my teeth is incredibly important to me so I needed to make sure I found a dental option that worked for me…dentists are always so expensive so finding Lumino is a great alternative for me,” she says.

“For less than $1 a day, I have my dental plan taken care of, which is amazing.”

Put aside the frocks the make-up, Charlotte says she’s just a typical person, who like many, doesn’t love going to the dentist.

But being on the Dental Plan allows for costs to be spread across the year and means any issues are kept on top of.

The peace of mind means Charlotte can carry on with her busy life, knowing she doesn’t need to worry about her teeth.

As for being a long term Dental Plan member – “as long as I have teeth, I’ll be hanging around!” she says.

By purchasing a Lumino Dental Plan, members receive a bundle of treatments to be used over the course of a year. Included is one comprehensive dentist consultation including exam and x-rays, two standard hygiene visits and 10% off any additional treatments while you have a valid dental plan (excluding implants and orthodontics).