Oral Health Resources | 22 August, 2019

Is Your Teen Brushing Their Teeth?

Does your teenager brush their teeth twice daily? Maybe they skip a day here and there? Or worse, skip brushing for a whole week? Yes, apparently, some do!

Research has found young adults are the worst culprits when it comes to skipping the twice daily brush.

Research conducted by Colgate as part of Oral Health Month last year found that 75% of 18-24 year olds admitted to skipping brushing their teeth for one day or more and almost 10% admitted to skipping for over a week.

So as a parent what can we do? It’s hard enough getting your teen to tidy up after themselves and complete their homework let alone worry about their oral hygiene habits.

Unfortunately, we do play a vital role in setting good examples and it is still our responsibility to make sure our teen gets regular dental check-ups.

Many of life’s greatest lessons are born at home and that, of course, includes taking care of one’s health. Set a good example. Parents who exhibit good oral habits will pass this on to their teenagers.

We suggest talking to them opening and honestly. Remind them that a young person who takes care of their mouth will enjoy healthy teeth as an adult.

Also, let’s not forget, teenagers care a lot about how they look. Help them understand that bad oral hygiene can lead to stains, bad breath, missing teeth and many other dental problems.

Free dental check-ups for your teen at Lumino

Did you know all teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old are eligible to receive free basic dental treatments?

From Year nine or 13 years old, until their 18th birthday, all children regardless of whether they are working or studying are eligible.

When your teenager sees one of our dental therapists you can expect an examination of their mouth, scaling, prophylaxis (cleaning) treatment when required, oral health education and orthodontic referrals if required.

It’s important to note however, not all practices offer free teen check-ups. The practice must have an adolescent contract with the District Health Board.

Here at Lumino, we have over 86 dental practices nationwide and over 59 practices that offer the Free Adolescent Dentistry.

Find out lots more about getting free dental care for your teenager.