Oral Health Resources | 22 August, 2019

Vitamin C – Great for Your Health, Not So Much for Your Teeth

We all know Vitamin C is the ‘go to’ vitamin – an immune boosting, antioxidant powerhouse (and let’s not forget, there is no better vitamin to keep scurvy at bay!) 

But have you noticed that no dentist will ever be over the moon about your daily warm water with lemon?

Yes, Vitamin C (when taken internally) will strengthen teeth and will benefit the rest of the body.

However, it should never be taken so it has direct contact with teeth.

The fact of the matter is that Vitamin C, chewed or in liquid form, can do a lot of damage to tooth enamel.

“Sometimes our quest to be healthy overlooks the acid erosive effect of products like lemon juice in water and other chewable sources of acid like Vitamin C,” says Dr Andrea Shepperson, dentist at Lumino City Dental at Quay Park.

“Prolonged use can destroy a lot of permanent enamel,” she adds.

The culprit is the ascorbic acid, found in all citrus fruits, which will cause long-term enamel damage.

Exposure time and frequency are important factors, but the bottom line is it will damage teeth.

Our advice is – keep to the pill form of Vitamin C. In this way, you’ll still get all the benefits and get to keep your teeth too. Win-win.

See Dr Andrea Shepperson’s case study on one of her clients.