Oral Health Resources | 02 July, 2021

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Good oral hygiene is vital for keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Even if you're practicing good oral health habits it's not uncommon to experience tooth sensitivity.

What causes sensitive teeth? Our teeth contain a soft, nerve-filled center, and a layer of dentin covers the pulp that exists at this level. Over the dentin lies enamel, covering teeth above the gum, and cementum coats your tooth roots below the crown. Enamel and cementum protect the inner tooth, but when they erode or break down, the pulp nerves have little to no protection from the temperature changes in the mouth - causing your teeth to become sensitive.

Some people have naturally thin tooth enamel, however, if you're experiencing pain or sensitivity we recommend visiting your dentist for a check-up.

Some common causes of eroded or broken enamel:

Tooth decay

Brushing aggressively

Using a toothbrush with hard bristles

Consuming highly acidic foods and drinks

Tooth grinding

Receding gums

Source: Colgate