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Get peace-of-mind

How? Because we know you will just love the feeling when visiting the dentist is a positive experience. The Lumino Dental Plan helps you do that. We make it simple for you to take charge and get oral health peace-of-mind.

Dentists worldwide agree that preventative care helps to stop minor dental issues in their tracks - before they become serious, and sometimes before they show up. With the Lumino Dental Plan, you get a regular check-up and two hygiene treatments, plus the support of your Lumino practice. These form the basis of your ongoing oral health wellness. Add to this good oral health habits at home and you've got the winning preventative formula.

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Save money

When you join the plan, you save money off the regular price of your three annual treatments.

Worried about the cost if you need more work done?

As a plan member, you're eligible for 10% discount* off additional dental treatments. You can even save money on teeth whitening  or veneers.

Apart from that, you could save thousands over time^ on your dental bills, due to the benefits of regular maintenance and prevention.

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So convenient

It’s easy to pay for your subscription to the Lumino Dental Plan. You can choose to pay for it once a year, in advance, or in 12 monthly instalments on your debit or credit card. Because the plan is an ongoing subscription you won’t even need to remember to renew. We let you know when your year is almost up, and your plan will simply roll over - unless you choose to cancel at that time. The plan has a Patient Portal, which gives you the ability to manage your plan online. It’s straightforward to update your details. And it’s a convenient way to track the treatments you have left for the year.

*10% discount excludes dental implants and orthodontic treatments. ^Research shows oral health prevention can reduce total dental health costs over the long term, due to the benefits of regular maintenance and prevention.

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Ready to find a participating practice?

The Lumino Dental Plan is available at over half our practices nationwide. Find your nearest practice and get started today.