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Dr Rob Shearman

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Dr Rob Shearman

Rob gained his BDS at Otago University and also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dentistry. After extensive travel and work experience overseas, he joined the Proudmouth group in 2002 before it became Lumino Auckland Central. 

Rob's areas of expertise are cosmetic dentistry and complex dental cases, including the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants.

Auckland Central are very proud to have a CT scanner that allows Rob direct access in giving his patients an immediate answer to whether an implant can be placed and the costs associated with it. Also, Rob is one of a small group of dentists who are trained to put in immediate molar implants which are designed to make treatments quicker and more cost-effective for patients.

“Much of my time is spent on complex cases because I’ve got a postgraduate diploma in restorative dentistry. It’s really about mouth rehabilitation – crowns, bridges and implants. Even if a patient can’t afford full restoration after an extraction, we can do socket preservation so that it’s possible to do an implant later on.”

“One of the big problems that we’re up against right now is the sugar in sports and energy drinks. People from all walks of life are drinking these and it destroys their teeth eventually. Most of the drinks don’t have any fluoride either. Fluoride needs to wash all over your teeth the whole time - avoiding tap water isn’t good for your teeth.”

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