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Dr Steven Casci

Steven graduated from the University of Otago in 2001 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. After graduation, Steven worked for 2 years as a House Officer at Auckland Hospital before heading in to private practice where he has worked for over 13 years, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Prior to his return to New Zealand, Steven spent seven years working in an exclusive private practice in London’s Harley Street providing an extensive range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

In 2009, Steven was awarded Platinum status with Invisalign UK in recognition of the large number of patients he had successfully treated, and to date he has completed over 250 cases. In addition to short-term orthodontics, Steven has improved the smile of hundreds of clients through a combination of whitening, bonding and veneers. He is focused on achieving great results while taking a conservative approach that's as minimally invasive as possible.

When not in clinic, Steven attends a wide range of conferences and training programs internationally and while working in the UK was awarded a certificate in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

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