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Digital Smile Design

Beautiful smiles are no longer left to chance as digital technology meets design to create stunning outcomes for patients.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a conceptual design tool to enhance communication between dentist, patient and other interdisciplinary team members.

Digital Smile Design is a process that starts with digitisation of the patient, using new tools and technology in dentistry.  Customers can be involved with the process of updating their teeth aesthetically or rebuilding their mouths functionally.

What is it?

Digital Smile Design is a facially generated holistic way of looking at a patient and providing natural solutions that are incomplete harmony with the patients’ personality. Digital technology allows a dentist to digitise a patient, using intra-oral scans, digital X-rays, face scanning, photography and video and cone beam CT. These records can be layered, creating a 3 dimensional view of the patient in a way that traditional dentistry doesn’t allow. The result, when combined with a dental risk assessment called the Dental Fingerprint, provides an incredible view of the patients concerns and smile potential.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment is the Digital Smile Design Consultation which is a 1 hour & 15 min consultation where we understand your desire for a new smile and gather digital records through photographs and digital scanning. We'll show you success stories using different treatments and materials. If you decide to move on to Digital Planning & Design we'll put the wheels in motion.

Read more about the full The DSD Journey.

Test Drive Your Smile

The ability to Test Drive, or try out your new smile, is a key component of Digital Smile Design. If you're not sure whether to take the next step, the DSD Test Drive gives you a chance to try before you buy.

Have questions?

Digital Smile Design is a completely digital way of looking at a patient. Using digital technology we can build a transparent 3D view of the patient and see structures and shapes that are not possible with traditional dentistry. We always start with the face, using intra-oral scans, digital X-rays, face scanning, photography and video and cone beam CT. The result provides an incredible view of the patients concerns and smile potential.

The visual information provides enormous visibility for both patient and dentist, and very high levels of accuracy and predictability. It’s also comfortable and seamless for the patient as we don’t take impressions any more.

It is always reassuring to see other cases that our dentists have done.  We’ll share cases similar to yours so you can see the results we have achieved for others. There is no pressure to proceed in our office – do what feels right for you.  The DSD Patient journey explains the steps involved to help understand that we take a detailed collaborative approach with you sharing input at every step.

A DSD Dentist will analyze the face first and use digital clues from existing teeth to know what will look best. We select shapes from a library of natural teeth – scans of beautiful and interesting smiles and adjust these to the patient’s own smile.  Every stage is nature built, rather than made-made perfection. The impact is a smile that is deceptive in its originality and beauty, with the key to beauty its imperfection, looking like a gift from nature rather than a construct

We also use parameters of beauty, added curves and symmetry to enhance the smile.  Nature has no straight lines and often dentistry that looks unnatural will be too linear.

The design process is very comfortable.  The use of a camera scanner to build a 3D model is so much better than having a tray full of impression material and waiting for it to set.  Patients who have a strong gag reflex really love that there are no conventional impressions.

Digital records are integral to DSD Planning and are safe. We use lots of cameras – digital, iPhone, intraoral scanning cameras and face scanning software with an iPad.  These are all safe. To get a full 3D view there are times when we need to do a cone beam scan or CBCT.

This is a high resolution X-ray which does have a degree of radiation, like a conventional X-ray.  In dentistry the CBCT is a much lower dose of radiation than a medical CT scan. We only do this when planning very complex reconstructions that involve implant placement, jaw surgery, orthodontic diagnosis  or gum lifts.

The initial Digital Smile Design Consultation is $199.00. To book a Digital Smile Design Consultation call us on (09) 919 2660 or book online here.

The examination is just over one hour.  We start by understanding the patients needs and desires, and then gather digital records. We can complete a simple 2D simulation to help analyse the smile and provide a starting point for discussion.  The patient usually elects to move to a 3D analysis and mock-up to preview the smile and bite possibilities. This is a transformative appointment where the patient gets to see their new smile in the mouth. The final treatment plan is confirmed at that stage, in collaboration with our patient.

Each design is tailor made to each patient according to their facial and aesthetic features, in total harmony with their face, creating a smile that perfectly reflects the personality of each patient.  The DSD Clinic experience improves outcomes for both the patient and dentist using the technology.

The initial Digital Smile Design Consultation takes 1 hours 15 minutes.  This allows time to talk about patient concerns and gather the digital data needed to plan a case.