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Straighten your smile with braces at Lumino Kerikeri. Braces can completely transform your appearance, giving you that perfect smile and confidence for an interview, first date and even looking in the mirror.

Lumino Kerikeri's dentist, Dr Simon Leith, has helped over 1,500 patients using orthodontics in the last 10 years. He provides clear braces for adults and teenagers as well as providing clear retainers that are invisible and comfortable, keeping smiles straight for years to come.

What can braces do for me?

Braces are the more traditional device used to straighten your teeth. We offer a range of different braces options to help straighten, align and position teeth.

Most people get braces in their early teenage years, but it’s also common for adults to get braces too. Modern materials have made having braces much more comfortable and attractive than in the past which has contributed to the increase in the popularity of getting braces.

Braces are used to fix  crooked teeth?  by straightening them to help you achieve that perfect straight smile, for life. Apart from making your teeth look great, there's also many important functional reasons for straightening teeth:

  • Crowded and crooked teeth  are hard to clean which can, in turn, cause a range of problems in the future
  • Too much space between the teeth, caused by the jaw being too big for the teeth or missing teeth
  • If the upper and lower jaws are misaligned or there's an underbite or overbite

Why Lumino Kerikeri?

As a dentist with additional orthodontic training, Simon Leith, can provide all the treatment for orthodontic patients at Lumino Kerikeri. Simon even treats some children and their parents at the same time!

If patients require surgical work needed for orthodontic treatment such as impacted canines, removing teeth and gum reshaping this is all provided by him under sedation. He can also provide tooth reshaping with composite or porcelain veneers to ensure you get that perfect smile you’re after. 

At Lumino Kerikeri we have a state of art practice with 3D cone beam low radiation x-rays to give you the most accurate information about your teeth and jaw. We also use digital impressions and images to help explain your treatment as well as monitor your treatment. 

Our patients leave more confident with their new smiles and improved function and oral health. On completion of treatment you will also have your teeth whitened to get that perfectly straight, white smile.


Have questions?

The cost of braces depends on the type of braces and how long they are on for. Generally the cost relates to the complexity of the treatment and how long they are on for. Many orthodontic practices offer payment terms or other discounts. The practice will advise you about the cost and payment options at your consultation visit.

Our specialist orthodontists are highly trained and skilled at making the whole process of getting braces as easy and painless as possible. Getting braces put on isn’t a painful procedure. However, most patients will feel some discomfort or mild pain when the braces are first put on and they get used to having them. When the braces are adjusted, every six to eight weeks, they may also be a bit uncomfortable for a day or two. Getting braces removed is also painless.

The usual treatment time with braces is around 24 months. However the duration of treatment can vary from three months for a simple cosmetic correction, through to several years, split into several treatment stages. The duration depends on the growth of the mouth and face, and the severity of the problem.

It’s not unusual these days for adults to get braces or other orthodontic treatments. It can be as successful in adults as it is for children. Treatment time may take longer if you are older, as adults have denser bone tissue. If you're thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, we suggest booking an appointment with a specialist orthodontist. They will be able to assess your teeth and recommend the best treatment option for you.

An orthodontist is a specialist who has completed additional study at a university dental school. After completing a five-year dental undergraduate programme, an orthodontist typically practices first as a general dentist, before undertaking further post-graduate specialist studies. After additional full-time study in the field of orthodontics, they graduate with a Masters of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics. Orthodontists keep knowledge current through ongoing Continuing Professional Development. Orthodontic specialists can be members of the NZ Association of Orthodontists.

Orthodontics is the specialist field of dentistry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of issues developing from alignment problems with the teeth and jaws. Specialist orthodontists have extra training, specifically in this field.

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