Kidz Teeth Meadowbank

First Visit

What will be done...

It is essential that a parent/caregiver come with the child for this visit to provide us with important background information and to help the child feel more relaxed.

This visit allows time for the Paediatric Dentist and your child to become familiar with each other.

Successful dentistry for children involves building their trust in our team.

The initial consultation is booked for approximately 45 minutes, where a full history and clinical examination (teeth, gums, soft tissues, occlusion) is performed.  Where necessary, radiographs (xrays) and photographs are taken.  Once the Paediatric Dentist has performed the examination, the findings are discussed with you.  A treatment plan with treatment options are discussed so an informed decision can be made. 

Our waiting time for appointments is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Cancellation List

We keep a list of patients wanting to come in earlier for either consultation, recall or treatment  appointments. Should a cancellation occur and you are available at short notice you will be contacted.  Please inform our receptionist if you want to be placed on the cancellation list.

Confirmation of appointments

As a courtesy we will confirm your appointment by email and/or phone several days prior (please ensure your most current and preferred mode of contact has been provided to reception).

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