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Zoom Whitening Offer

Get the brighter smile you've been wanting in just 1 hour

Philips Zoom! Whitening is not like all other whitening systems found in the market. It's number 1 in the US and Australia and used by many celebrities and make-over programs. It also requires a trained and licensed clinician to carry out the procedure.

Unlike other whitening systems, Zoom comes with a patient-friendly whitening process where it does not dehydrate your teeth as much and you'll experience much lower teeth sensitivity compared with other whitening treatments. Also, Zoom Whitening uses LED light to whiten teeth rather than UV light, making it safer for our patients.

This is a teeth whitening procedure that is performed in the dental chair. It is the fastest and most effective way to whiten teeth and usually takes around one to one and a half hours to complete. In-practice whitening is the best option for those wanting ‘instant’ results.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is the safest way to whiter teeth. It has no adverse effect on existing fillings or crowns, nor will it damage or weaken the enamel. Its formula, in fact, helps give your teeth a greater shine and helps protect your enamel.

Your dentist will apply the whitening gel to your teeth and activate it with a special lamp. After just 1 appointment, you'll find that your teeth will be up to 8 shades whiter!

We recommend a scale and polish/hygiene with one of our hygienists prior to your whitening session, for optimal results.


Yes. Clinical studies have shown that whitening your teeth with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide under the supervision of a dental professional is safe for teeth and gums.

The most common side effect is tooth and gum sensitivity. Your dentist is your best resource to ensure that you are a good candidate for whitening and that you are using the right concentration of whitening formula. Philips Zoom! at-home whitening products have two mild desensitizing agents, potassium nitrate and Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), to minimise tooth sensitivity.

Over-the-counter whitening products are not customised to your needs. With Philips Zoom!, the whitening process is tailored to your needs by your dentist, with custom-fitted trays for at-home treatments or just the right light intensity and duration in the dentist’s office. 

Whitening treatments help to reduce existing stains, but through consumption of coffee, soft drinks or just through natural aging, your teeth may eventually become discoloured again. Maintenance whitening can help combat recurring discoloration. Only Philips Zoom! at-home whitening products include ACP, which has been shown to help reduce whitening fade-back.

There are many causes to tooth discolouration. Some of the most common include the consumption highly coloured foods and drinks (berries, coffee, tea, red wine). Some medications, aging, smoking and trauma can also cause teeth discoloration.

With Philips Zoom!, your teeth will be visibly whiter in one day. With ZOOM! in-office, you will achieve up to eight shades whiter in 1 hour.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching at Lumino The Dentists

Teeth bleaching is a popular and affordable choice to brighten your smile. Prior to undergoing whitening treatment your Lumino dentist will examine your teeth and gums and advise you if they are healthy enough to go through a whitening process. Lumino offers several teeth whitening options, ranging from our custom-made take-home kits to in-practice procedures. Results can vary but generally, the improvement is great enough for you to see a change within a short time.