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$499 Teeth Whitening Package (take home kit)

Teeth Whitening Offer at Auckland Central

Want to brighten your smile? Teeth whitening is a popular option to make your teeth sparkle and exclusively at Lumino Auckland Central we have a $499 Teeth Whitening Package, available for a limited time, to help you transform your smile. 

Whitening your teeth is a great way to help restore self-esteem. When your teeth literally shine, it can help you feel more confident.

Teeth whitening appointment overview


1 appointment total. You will also need to come in to pick up your whitening trays & tubes after this appointment.

How long it takes

Treatment will take approximately one hour. 

You may be asked about

Your dental history and medical history.

Before your appointment

No special preparation needed.

After your appointment

You can usually carry on as normal, but your dentist/hygienist may recommend eating a colourless diet whilst you’re whitening your teeth. 

Quick tip

We offer several teeth whitening options. Results can vary, but generally the improvement is great enough for you to see a change within a very short time.

Enquire now!

If you’re still unsure about whether this whitening package is right for you, why not come in for a free 15 minute consultation to find out more about this treatment and check your eligibility.  

Teeth Whitening FAQS

Teeth whitening or bleaching is the process of whitening your teeth. Before undergoing whitening treatment, a dentist will examine your teeth and gums and advise you if they are healthy enough to go through a whitening process. 

The length of time that teeth whitening will last depends on many factors, including the lifestyle and habits that resulted in the stained teeth in the first place. Some whitening systems also have home touch-up kits available to top up the whiteness. This helps to enhance the whitening further and maintains your investment for longer. 

Teeth whitening is safe when it's done correctly. It’s important to visit your dentist for a consultation before getting any whitening treatment so they can check if your teeth are suitable for whitening treatment. We don’t recommend ordering teeth whitening kits online and doing it yourself as you don’t know if it's safe to use, or if your teeth are suitable. 

There are many causes to tooth discolouration. Some of the most common include the consumption highly coloured foods and drinks (berries, coffee, tea, red wine). Some medications, aging, smoking and trauma can also cause teeth discoloration. 


  • $499 Teeth Whitening Package is exclusively available at Lumino Auckland Central practice.  
  • Offer includes exam and x-rays, standard hygiene treatment (scale/polish), impressions taken of your teeth and take-home whitening kit.  
  • Suitability for hygiene treatment and whitening will be determined during exam by the dentist.    
  • Take-home whitening kit includes mouth trays and 2 x tube syringes.   
  • Offer is available for a limited time only.  
  • Availability for appointment times may vary.  
  • Appointment duration is approximately 1 hour.   
  • Offer available to NEW Lumino patients only and exclusive email recipients who are signed up to the Lumino database.  
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other pricing offer. Finance offers will be considered on an individual basis.  
  • Fully payment is due at the time of service.  

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