Celebrating Smiles | 28 August, 2019

City Dental Quay Park Auckland - Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a process that starts with digitisation of the patient, using new tools and technology in dentistry, and involves the patient every step of the way.

Digital Smile Design was the brainchild of Dr Christian Coachman, from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Dr Coachman travelled to NZ to consult with Dr Andrea Shepperson and launch the first DSD Centre in New Zealand at Lumino City Dental at Quay Park in May 2013.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a conceptual design tool to enhance communication between dentist, patient and other interdisciplinary team members.

Photographs and video form part of the analysis. A short video interview gives an interactive communication between dentist and patient to capture thoughts and gestures - smile, laugh, lip movements. Facial dimensions are calibrated with the position of the teeth in the mouth, picking up fine imperfections that may be missed and left to chance without DSD. Drawing reference lines to reflect an ideal smile, and mapping these with existing shapes and planes, allows careful assessment of both the possibilities and limitations of case planning.

Cloud based communication means excellence will never be achieved by chance, but from a systematic approach for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, and execution.  Patients experience superior results at all stages and are involved in the design process.

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