Celebrating Smiles | 16 September, 2019

Forty Years of Gratitude

It’s not every day a customer organises a very special thank-you for a practice, complete with a homemade fruit cake.  It’s even more wonderful, when that patient has been associated with the practice for 40 years.

Warren Johns is a patient at Lumino Auckland Central, having stayed on as a patient as the team moved down from their Proudmouth location, into the Auckland CBD location.

Before the practice was known as Proudmouth, it was Albert Street Dental. Before it became Albert Street Dental, Dr Rod Dawson had a clinic close by on Frances St, and it was there that Warren started his dental journey with the team, on February 20, 1978.

On October 16 this year, Warren came into the practice during the staff lunch break to give a presentation as a gesture of gratitude and to present staff with a home-made fruit cake and hand-written cards.

Warren says he wanted to acknowledge the work by the staff by more than just expressing his thanks.

“Thanks in words are one thing. Something more lasting and real was needed,” said.

Warren prepared an A4 Display book, inside of which are some of his published photos and articles he has written. The folder has been left on loan in the Auckland Central staff room, for staff to enjoy.

Warren says it is the friendliness and respect he receives from the staff that has seen him return year after year.

He says he likes the new state of the art practice in the AMP centre, however, he adds that “it’s more about the people.”

“I started seeing Dr Rod Dawson and have continued on with the practice even with the change of ownership,” says Warren.

He acknowledged that the professional and hard work by clinicians past and present have given him a smile to be proud of and one that gives him confidence.

“My teeth make me feel good about myself,” says Warren.

“I have had some extensive work done,” he adds. Not all years have gone by without some dental dramas he says, explaining that this year he had two temporary teeth fall out, one while eating a piece of licorice and the other, ironically, while eating a piece of his own fruit cake!

“It was never a problem for my dentist,” he says.

Warren’s current dentist, Dr Rob Shearman says every now and again a patient will thank him and the team with a card or a “bottle of something nice” however having Warren come in and give a presentation like he did was quite unique.

“It’s not often we get a thank-you like this, and it’s even more special as he is one of our most loyal, longest standing patients,” he says.

Warren says he has been impressed with Dr Rob’s recent work on his teeth.

“Clearly, he has the ability to use specialist equipment, such as a CT scanner and X rays. The precise drilling to a set depth using a gauge and the use of a tiny ratchet spanner – skillful use of tools of the trade which greatly impressed me,” he says.

“The team of Rob and his assistant Megan Wilson demonstrated a good working relationship, showing anticipation, respect and cooperation,” he adds.

Thank-you Warren, for acknowledging the team and work they do, and of course for your wonderful presentation and sharing your beautiful fruit cake with us.