Dental Tips | 22 October, 2020

Tips To Avoid Feeling Nervous At The Dentist

Don't worry. It's not uncommon to get dental anxiety or feel nervous about visiting the dentist. We're here to help.

Follow these tips to make your visit less stressful:

Ask your dentist about their COVID-19 protocols

If you're worried about visiting the dentist during this time give your dentist a call to find out about their COVID-19 safety protocols and put yourself at ease. 

You can rest assured that all Lumino practices always maintain a high level of best-practice safety protocols. During COVID-19 all practices will be pre-screening patients before appointments, keeping a register for contact tracing, using appropriate PPE and meeting Infection Control & Prevention Standards set out by the Dental Council of New Zealand.

Find out more here.

Talk through your concerns with your dentist

If you have any particular concerns about getting dental treatment share these with your dentist. They will help by talking you through the procedures and recommending the best option to suit your specific needs.

All of our dentists take dental anxiety very seriously and will always strive to make your experience as positive and stress-free as possible.

Listen to music to distract yourself

If the sound of dental treatment makes you feel uncomfortable, bring some headphones to listen to music or a podcast during your visit. This will help you feel more relaxed and tune out any noises that occur during your procedure.

Plan ahead

The best way to help avoid dental anxiety is to plan ahead. Choose an appointment time that best fits with your schedule. Try to avoid choosing a time where you might feel a bit stressed or rushed. Your diet can also help you feel less anxious. Try eating a healthy meal before your visit and avoid high sugar food.