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Nick Tramoundanas

Nick graduated from the University of Otago with a BSc (Biochemistry) in 1975 and a BDS in 1979 and in 2004, FACDNA (Fellow of the Academy of Computerised Dentistry of North America). He established the Miramar Dental Health Centre in 1979 and joined the Lumino group in 2006.

Within his role, Nick enjoys the ability to lead a team to help their patients enjoy the benefits of good oral standards and a healthy mouth and appearance. His clinical interests include Oral Rehabilitation using the latest computerised methods, which includes placement of implants using guided surgery and manufacturing of complete crowns and veneers using simulated jaw techniques to ensure the fit of all 1 to 24 teeth as necessary. Also the saving of teeth using root treatment techniques that ensure longevity of the broken down teeth and treating Bruxing (teeth grinding and clenching) issues and alleviating them.

Along with Nick’s extensive clinical experience he has been actively involved in the New Zealand and International Dental Community.

Nick has been a visiting lecturer to the Dental Faculty of the University of Otago for 7 years and an External Examiner for 4 years. He has been teaching the Cerec method of tooth restoration for 10 years and has qualified as an International SCD Certified Trainer. He has also served on the first Clinical Advisory Board of Lumino The Dentists and served as the President, Treasurer and Complaints Officer for the Wellington branch of the NZDA (New Zealand Dental Academy). He has organised 4 International Courses for the Cerec method in Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain and has presented over 30 lectures and courses both Nationally and Internationally.

Nick furthers his studies through attendance of international and local courses and conferences to keep up to date with the advancement in his areas of interest.

Nick keeps busy outside of work with fly fishing, skiing and entertaining.

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