Mobile Dental Clinics For Schools

Open Monday from 8:30AM to 3:00PM

Mobile Dental Clinics For Schools

Open Monday from 8:30AM to 3:00PM


Our Lumino The Dentists mobile dental clinics visit a large number of secondary schools in the Auckland area, meaning you don't have to take time off work or remove your child from important classes for them to be seen by a dental therapist.

Your child's Lumino dental therapist will assess their individually changing dental needs and use the latest dental techniques to achieve optimal dental health. Our dental therapist will also educate your child on how to best keep their teeth and mouth healthy and disease-free.

See our 2023 Mobile schedules below. To register for School Dental Health, click 'Enrol' on the Mobile Unit that is related to your school below.

Mobile One - 2023 Schedules

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Lynfield College 7th of February-16th of March
Marist College 17th of March-6th of April
Selwyn College 24th of April- 17th of May
Mt Albert Grammar High School 18th of May-30th of June
Tamaki College 17th of July- 11th of August
St Peter's College 14th of August-31st of August
Epsom Girls Grammar School 1st of September-27th of October
Western Springs College 30th of October-6th of December

Mobile Two - 2023 Schedules

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Westlake Boys High School 7th of February - 29th of March
Westlake Girls High School 30th of March - 5th of May
Carmel College 15th of May - 1st of June
Takapuna Grammar School 6th of June - 21st of July
Glenfield College 24th of July - 4th of August
Birkenhead College 7th of August - 25th of August
Dilworth School 28th of August - 15th of September
Long Bay College 9th of October - 6th of December

Mobile Three - 2023 Schedules

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Whangaparaoa College 13th of February - 31st of March
Michael Park School 3rd of April - 6th of April
Green Bay High School 24th of April - 9th of June
Albany Junior High School 12th of June - 23rd of June
Pinehurst College 26th of June - 30th of June
Albany Senior High School 17th of July - 18th of August
St Paul's College 21st of August - 13th of October
Kaipara College 18th of October - 6th of December

Mobile Four - 2023 Schedules

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Rototuna High School 2nd of August - 6th of December

To find out more about the School Adolescent Service, please contact [email protected].

Alternatively please call 0277005872

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Please note: the range of services and related fees may differ between practices.

Our Mobile Buses are not available at all schools. We have four Mobile Buses operating. Mobile 1, 2 & 3 Buses are Auckland based. Mobile 1 covers Central, Central-West, and Central-east. Mobile 2 covers Northshore and Mobile 3 covers Central, West, Northshore and Rural areas. Mobile 4 is based in the Waikato region. 

Free Teen Dentistry at Lumino is available to students entering Year 9, up until their 18th birthday. Once they hit 18 years old, dentistry is no longer free in New Zealand. Free Teen Dentistry is not available at all our practices. The practice must have an adolescent contract with the District Health Board to offer Free Teen Dentistry. Check with your preferred practice when booking an appointment to make sure they do offer Free Teen Dentistry.

Children will usually visit a Dental Therapist. In New Zealand a Dental Therapist works exclusively with under 18-year-olds. Dental Therapists either work for a DHB or in a private practice.