Celebrating Smiles | 22 August, 2019

Bringing Hannah’s smile back – “It’s changed everything”

A visit to the dentist has not only resulted in a strong selfie game for one Auckland mother – she says her treatment has “changed everything”.

“I was so self-conscious,” says Lumino patient Hannah. “Everyone I met, I thought they were looking at my teeth.”

“But now I smile all the time, I’m really confident, it’s changed everything.”

It was after a recent trip to Europe that she realised she wanted to make some changes to her smile.

“I’ve got a whole book of photographs where I’ve got my hideous teeth…I’m gutted about it.”

Dr Peter Rucastle, who works at Lumino Glenfield and Lumino Takapuna says Hannah essentially wanted to change her teeth in order to feel more confident.

“Hannah had a denture which was miscoloured and she had gaps she was concerned about.”

“We made study models, we discussed various options, and we decided to do a fixed bridge,” says Peter.

Hannah says being able to use QCard for her treatment made things easy.

“They did it there and then, easy, all set up.”

Hannah confesses she loves a good selfie and since seeing Lumino her “selfies have gone up 100%.”