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Holistic Dentistry

After a more natural approach for dental treatment? Holistic dentistry could be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re worried about dental treatment and the materials used, holistic dentistry could be an option for you. We have holistic dentists that offer services that enhance your health and wellness and use treatment options that you can feel completely comfortable with.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to dental treatment, designed to promote health and wellness. It involves taking the wider health implications of dental treatment and restorative materials into account when determining the best dental care for each situation.

Our holistic dentists research all restorative materials are holistically-safe materials. They can also help with the removal of materials, such as replacing amalgam fillings with alternative filling materials. Restoration of a tooth is done through holistic dentists using non-metallic materials.

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The cost of visiting a holistic dentist is often similar to visiting a regular dentist. The difference in cost between dentists and practices usually depends on different factors. The price will depend on the treatment you get, how complex the treatment is and the materials used for treatment. At your consultation appointment your dentist will be able to let you know the price of the recommended treatment.

We offer a range of holistic dental treatments such as amalgam (mercury) free fillings at many of our practices. However not all Lumino practices have holistic dentists and offer holistic treatments. If you are unsure if your local practice offers holistic treatment, you can call the practice to confirm before you book an appointment.

Holistic dentistry involves using an alternative approach to dental treatment, keeping a patient's overall health and wellness in mind. Holistic dentistry takes a more natural approach to dentistry, taking into account the health implications of dental treatment and use of restorative materials when recommending the best treatment. Holistic dentistry involves the use of non-metal materials such as mercury-free fillings.

Holistic dentists take a wider natural and wellness approach in their dental treatments. Holistic dentists don’t use metal materials for treatments and don't offer amalgam fillings. They aim to use minimally invasive treatments and technology. Holistic dentists approach the treatment of disease with total body wellness in mind.

Holistic dentistry is a broad term which is often interpreted differently by clinicians and patients. We recommend getting in touch with your nearest Lumino practice to ensure the holistic dentistry they offer meets your specific requirements.