Community | 12 July, 2023

Lumino Mobile Buses Visit Dargaville

After closing our Dargaville practice 18 months ago, it was great to return and provide dental care to the community for a week.

Two of our Lumino Mobile Buses arrived in Dargaville on 3 July, treating 264 patients in total during the week. Since Dargaville has been without a permanent dentist for over a year our visit was well received by patients in the region. 

Assistant Regional Manager, Karen Gordon said they received 100% positive feedback from everyone who came to visit the buses.

"The community was grateful and excited to have us visit. The most frequent comments were 'when will you be coming back' and 'Dargavile needs a dentist'." 

Oral Health Therapist, Darren Ma came down from Auckland to provide hygiene treatments on the mobile buses on Friday and Saturday and said he would do it again.

Darren said the region is still in need of a dentist.

"All of the patients were very thankful for the services that we provided and there are still a lot of patients who need dental treatment, the community still needs us."

Darren decided to be part of our mobile bus visit to explore and educate the community with his knowledge and skills.

"I learnt that dentistry is very much in demand in Dargaville and the community needs us to go back now, not only to improve their oral health but to educate them as well. I also learnt that teamwork is very important to run a big project like this. Every one of us has worked hard to make this project a success."

Our Dargaville Mobile Bus team was made up of four dentists, two oral health therapists, four dental assistants and three support team members. We began the week offering $69 dental exams and WINZ quotes, then provided treatments including hygiene, emergency dental and restorative treatment from Wednesday onwards.

A huge thanks to all the team members involved in making this happen & to everyone who came to visit us.