Community | 31 August, 2019

NZ's first orthodontist to achieve Black Diamond Invisalign status

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  • Orthodontist becomes first Black Diamond Invisalign provider in NZ

Orthodontix founder, Dr Ronald M Sluiter has become the first in New Zealand to achieve Black Diamond Invisalign status, with 400 approved new case starts in a year.

Ronald has been working as an orthodontist since 1986 and founded Orthodontix in 2009. He keeps himself busy working across all three Orthodontix practices in the Canterbury region.

When it comes to Invisalign, Ronald's experience goes back almost 20 years. His first Invisalign treatment was performed on a young boy back in 2001. 

"The boy was going to a music conservatory on a scholarship to play the trumpet. Braces were not sustainable for his embouchure."

Since then Ronald has gone on to transform the smile of a wide range of New Zealander's using Invisalign.

Although becoming the first in New Zealand is a massive achievement for any dentist or orthodontist, Ronald is very modest about his success.

"I think Invisalign a natural progression from standard braces. I just happen to be a bit early." 

Ronald's favourite part about his work is improving and boosting people's confidence with a radiant smile.

Find out more about Ronald and Orthodontix here.