Community | 30 May, 2022

The benefits of Invisalign with Dr Sanjay

Invisalign  was introduced to  Lumino Pukekohe 5 years ago as an alternative to Braces (wires). Since then we’ve had great demand for this as patients now shy away from Braces as they find  Invisalign  a lot more  aesthetically pleasing. Although you still need attachments on your teeth, which are tooth coloured, coupled with a clear aligner, you virtually have an invisible treatment.

Patients also ask about pain compared with Braces. With  Invisalign, the pain experienced is far less than Braces, and of course there are no wires to replace which is where you experience the most pain.

Another advantage of  Invisalign  is, unlike Braces where brushing and flossing your teeth is difficult, with Invisalign you can remove your aligners to brush & floss.

With the ever going research and development of  Invisalign,  most orthodontic cases can now be treated with  Invisalign.

With the  Invisalign  process, we will scan your teeth and create a 3D model, which I then use to create your treatment plan. Once this is done, we then get you back in to have a look at the final results we’re aiming for. Once you approve this, then we can order your aligners and begin your treatment

I find showing the patient the 3D modelling an important step in understanding how your teeth will move into the correct positions so we can create a great aesthetic result for you.

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