Dental Tips | 06 April, 2020

Dental Health Tips for Kids

With most of the country at home due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, there's a lot of change to our routines and our kids routines. Being out of our regular routine makes it easier to snack more often and abandon good oral health habits.

Since you can't visit us for non-urgent treatment during the lockdown, it's even more important to keep up with good oral health care at home.

Here's a few dental tips to best look after your child's teeth at home:

Snack carefully

At the moment, kids have more spare time, meaning they’re going to be more tempted to snack throughout the day. When we constantly snack the bacteria and acids attack our teeth. So our saliva get a chance to work its magic and neutralise these acids in our mouth we need to reduce snack times. Try and stick to set eating times and plan healthy snacks with limited treats.

Drink lots of water

It's so important to keep hydrated, especially with kids learning at home. Water will also help reduce the chances of tooth decay. Drinking lots of water will help remove bacteria, leftover food and plaque from the teeth and mouth. Try limit sugary drinks such a fizzy and juice as much as possible.

Brush & floss regularly

It's now even more important to brush and floss regularly and correctly. Since kids can't visit the dentist for their usual check-ups during the lockdown, we need to make sure our at-home oral health routine is optimum. Brushing twice daily for two minutes and flossing once a day will help keep your child's teeth healthy and help prevent tooth decay.

If your child has a dental emergency and needs urgent treatment please call our  Emergency Support Team  on  0508 625 368.

Dental emergencies  can include toothache, dental trauma (knocked out or fractured teeth), facial swelling, or lost fillings.