Oral Health Resources | 01 August, 2021

Meal Planning For Healthy Teeth

What you eat and drink can play a big role in the state of your oral health. It's easy to choose convenient and quick options that aren't that healthy - especially when we're busy. To help, follow these easy tips to meal plan for healthier teeth.

Prepare your meals for the week in advance

Fail to plan, plan to fail. You might have heard this saying before and when it comes to eating healthy it's certainly true. When we plan our meals in advance we can avoid opting for takeaways or quick, easy meal options that aren't very healthy. Try planning your meals for the week on a Sunday and getting everything you need before Monday arrives. If you get stuck or don't like coming up with dinner options why not try a meal subscription service that gives you a few options?

Make your lunch the night before

It's easy to get into the habit of buying your lunch when you're at work especially if you're short on time. To get yourself in a good routine, plan and pack your lunch the night before. You could even make an extra dinner serving and use it for your lunch to save you time. Make sure to include some snacks as well in case you get hungry and tempted to buy snacks at work. Fruit, veges and nuts make great snack options that help keep you full for longer.

Avoid vending machines
Vending machines can be really tempting when it gets into the afternoon and you're in need of a little pick me up. To avoid the temptation of heading to the vending machine when 3pm hits, keep some healthy snacks in your desk draw or lunchbox so you can reach for these when you're feeling like a snack.

Plan Healthier Drink Choices
Sugary, sweet drinks are a big cause of tooth decay. It's tempting to want something sweet or an alternative to water. Instead of fizzy drinks try some flavoured water or sugar-free alternatives to keep you going.