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Ten Ways To Protect Your Child's Teeth

Ten Ways to Protect your Child's Teeth

  1. Supervise under eights with tooth brushing.
  2. If they want to do it themselves, let them, but still do a final brush for them when they’ve finished.
  3. Brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Children under 6 years can use a 6+ children toothpaste, children over 6 years can use an adult-strength formula
  4.  Don’t let them rinse with water after brushing
  5. Start flossing teeth once two teeth are touching
  6. Only give juice or fizzy drinks with meals or snacks. Stick to water at other times.
  7. Use a straw for fizzy drinks or juice
  8. Encourage your children to consume drinks quickly, rather than sipping them over a long period. Also limit grazing on food throughout the day – give teeth a rest!
  9. Limit sweet-eating to straight after meals, when the extra saliva created by chewing will help to protect the teeth
  10.  Take your child to the dentist regularly