Dental Tips | 25 August, 2019

How to Achieve the Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Dr Andrea Shepperson of Lumino City Dental at Quay Park shares her top tips to help you smile with confidence on your big day.

Digital Smile Design – Smile Makeover

There’s no better time to get your dream smile. Dr Shepperson has transformed many smiles for brides using Digital Smile Design. Digital Smile Design is a process that starts with digitisation of the patient, using new tools and technology in dentistry.  Patients can be involved with the process of updating their teeth aesthetically or rebuilding their mouths functionally.

As  New Zealand’s only Digital  Smile  Design  Clinic, the team would be happy to discuss your options.

When?   It is best to come in for a Digital Smile Design Consultation at least 6 months before your wedding day. This is to ensure we have time to design any treatment and deliver it well before your wedding. Walk through the Digital Smile Design journey and find out what is involved.

Read about how Megan Papas achieve a beautiful, natural smile for her big day.  

Come in for a Dental Examination

The first step to achieving the perfect wedding smile is getting a dental exam and consultation.  Ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and free from decay is important especially if you are wanting cosmetic dentistry done before your big day.

City Dental is  a practice that prides itself on the most thorough dental examination in Auckland – Your  Dental Fingerprint.  Many of our patients say they have never had such a complete, and fully explained perspective and a plan that is flexible and considerate of their personal circumstances.

When?  It is best to come in for a dental exam  3  months before your wedding day.  This allows time to discuss any aesthetic concerns and manage smile enhancements in a timely way, without urgency prior to your wedding.  There is a lot to do in the last weeks before the wedding and fitting in last minute dentistry can be challenging, particularly if you have needs beyond just whitening and cleaning.

Book online for a New Patient Dental Fingerprint Exam.

Clean Your Teeth

Get your teeth professionally cleaned by a  Dental Hygienist to ensure you have a healthy smile and fresh breath on your wedding day. Our Hygiene appointments include a comprehensive scale and polish and our hygienist will advise on the best home care techniques and products for you leading up to your big day.

When? It is best to come in for a hygiene appointment 3-4 weeks before your wedding day to treat any gum disease, remove tartar and stains and ensure a fresh breath for that first kiss!

Some of our brides/bridegrooms like to come for a quick pre-wedding touch-up polish in the week prior to the wedding.  This is a short appointment to polish light dietary surface stains, such as tea and coffee, that have accumulated since your initial treatment.

Book online for a Hygiene appointment.

Whiten Teeth

Whitening is a safe and simple technique to brighten your smile and remove deep stains for the perfect wedding day smile.  Ask us about our Zoom in-chair tooth whitening by Philips or customised home-whitening system by White Dental Beauty.

It’s best to avoid food/drinks that may cause discolouration leading up to your wedding day such as black coffee, red wine & curry.

When?   It is best to whiten teeth 14 days before your big day. Touch up whitening with home trays can be provided – customised to fit your mouth.  A touch up the day before your wedding is a great idea too.

In order to have whitening treatments, you must have had a dental examination within the last 6 months to ensure you are not contra-indicated for treatment and it is advisable to have had a recent hygiene appointment to gain the best results.

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Straighten Teeth

If you’re walking down the aisle within the next year and feel self-conscious about the alignment of your teeth you may want to consider orthodontics. The Invisalign® system uses a series of clear, removable aligners moving your teeth step by step, to create a beautiful smile.  Invisalign is almost invisible, so others don’t even notice you’re wearing them leading up to your big day.

When?  Tooth movement takes time, so allow 6-12 months to complete any minor tooth movement and any other cosmetic enhancements, such as Digital Smile Design, to complete treatment.  Very crowded teeth will take longer – up to 18 months.

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We can help fit dentistry into your lifestyle

We understand that dental care is an investment in your future, and that sometimes other things in life get in the way of dental expenditure. We can help fit dentistry into your lifestyle by offering multiple finance options with Q Card.

Talk to our team about ways to manage your dentistry for your special day.